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Mililani, HI | November 9, 2012

For the last four years, Ms. Selden has overseen the nonprofit organization she founded, Hope 4 Disabilities. In addition to holding the role of CEO, she heads the board of directors, remaining focused on the mission of the association: to improve the lives of all disabled people through advocacy and education. Hope 4 Disabilities gears much of its educational focus on the parents of children with disabilities, and it is working to develop the most comprehensive database online for disability resources. The organization also works through its subsidiary, Playgrounds United, to design and develop accessible all-inclusive playgrounds, both nationally and internationally.

Ms. Selden formed this organization after she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, at which time she realized the need for greater advocacy for those with disabilities. This was a milestone not only in her career, but in her life as a whole – she discovered her purpose. Forming Hope 4 Disabilities has allowed her to assist children, parents, and entire families in coping with disabilities that affect either them or someone they know. While Ms. Selden concentrates a great deal of her work on advocacy for children, she also aids veterans who are seeking disability benefits, and she resolves Social Security issues others may be facing.

She is also the founder of another nonprofit, Hawaii Helps. In coordinating with its board of directors, as well as state officials, she helps disabled individuals continue participating as equal members of society. In addition, Ms. Selden is a huge proponent of Walk MS Hawaii, and in 2008, was successful in forming the organization’s largest team and gained recognition as a top fundraiser. She was a top fundraiser the previous year as well.

The other organizations Ms. Selden is involved with are numerous. Some of these include: Ability Bounds, The Florida Disabilities Advocacy Group, Californians for Disability Rights, Inc., the Autism Society of America, Autism Speaks, the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, and Disabled American Veterans. Furthermore, she is active with the arts through VSA and The Society of Artists for Autism.

An artist herself, Ms. Selden grew up within an artistic family and gradually developed an eye for beauty. It was when she and her husband moved to Hawaii in 2004 that she was able to truly explore her creative tendencies. She developed a love for photography and conveying a story through a single picture, evoking great emotion through the depth of her work. However, due to the progression of her illness, Ms. Selden suffered vision loss; although disheartened at first, she clung to her love for art to regain strength. She felt she was given a gift, and the beauty she saw through the lens of her camera was meant to be seen by other as well. Ms. Selden maintains a gallery of her artwork at:

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